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Student Diploma Thesis:

Description: Within an actual development project a diploma thesis about integrating DLL interfaces with standard software into measurement systems shall be written. Please ask for further information. Requirements:

  -Good knowledge of C/C++
  -Programming Windows Win95 and NT
  -programming Kernel Mode Device driver for Windows NT
  -Assembler programming 8086/80486
  -Assembler programming Motorola signal processors DSP5630x and
  -Texas Instruments TMS320C26.

Please send your application and/or your questions via email to: .

Further Job Offers:

If your qualification fits into the requirement profile described above we are interested in an employment.

C, C++ Programmers

(min. 10 Hours/week)

Partial knowledge of the following items is advantageous but not mandatory: - Good knowledge of C/C++
- Programming Windows Win95 and NT

We are also interested in full time employments over longer periods of time (like lecture less period or diploma thesis).

Hints to your Application

Please send your application including the first possible date of employment, a note of your desired salary range to the following address: Soft&Hardware Entwicklung Goldammer GmbH, Schlosserstraße 6, D-38440 Wolfsburg, Phone.: +49 (0) 5361 29 95 0. (All applications were handled strictly confidential).

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