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EIPE-3000-0 BNC-connector chassis for PCI-Express cardsEIPE-3000-0

Passive(Active) BNC-connector chassis with one 68 pin SCSI-III connector. The analog channels are connected to BNC-connectors on the top of the case. The digital channels are connected to detachable Weidmueller screw-terminals on the left side of the case. The box can be switched between 16 analog single-ended input channels or 8 analog differential input channels. 24 digital TTL I/O-channels, 5 counter channels, 1 trigger-channel. Dimensions 180 x 118 x 64 mm. Connector-cable K00-2012-0 (SAK01-268) will be needed.

Price: 275,00 €


Options Surcharge €
EIPE-30DI-0 16 channel instrumentation amplifier inputs BNC version only: Any of the channels is equipped individually with a instrumentation amplifier. Option: For any channel an input voltage prescaler and an amplifier can be inserted. 449,00 
EIPE-30DI-5 16 channel instrumentation amplifier inputs; for BNC version only. Any of the channels is equipped individually with a instrumentation amplifier. Common-mode voltagerange ±100V 499,00 
EIPE-30DI-7 32 channel instrumentation-amplifier for BNC-version only. Each channel has its own instrumentation amplifier. Input-range conversion from ±50 Volt to ±10 Volt. Optional every input-channel can be equipped with its own voltage divider. (instrumentation amplifier INA2128) 898,00 
EIPE-30GI-0 Galvanic isolation of the digital I/O channels . 14 opto coupled input channels (Ue. 2,4 -30 Volt) Port (PB4 bis PC7, Z0 and Trigger), 12 opto coupled output channels 30V 50mA Port (PA0 bis PB3), 1 PWM channel. All channels are using the Thoshiba TD62783 driver. All output-channels can be used to actuate relais. Inc. Powersupply. 199,00 

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